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Live The Ultimate Dream - Fly Your Very Own Spitfire

Every pilot would love the opportunity to fly a Spitfire. Unfortunately, the few remaining original flying examples have become so valuable that not many of us are ever likely to experience flying one of these beautiful and exciting aircraft. The alternative is to build a replica, but this can be extremely expensive, difficult and very time consuming if traditional construction methods are chosen.

Having looked at what is currently available to those who would like to own and fly their own Spitfire, GOS AERO decided to design and develop a new, inexpensive, and easily assembled Spitfire kit. We know that most people do not want to spend thousands of hours drilling holes and pulling rivets. They would rather spend that time flying.

A New Easy To Build 80% Scale Replica Spitfire from GOS AERO

Composite construction was chosen because it is both inexpensive and very easy for the home constructor to assemble.

For example the entire fuselage is made in two halves (left and right halves) in female moulds which have been taken off male plugs that were accurately machined from our 3D computer files on a giant CNC routing machine. The fuselage halves emerge from the moulds dimensionally accurate and with a high standard of finish, ready for painting. This makes for very easy and speedy assembly.

The design criteria are as follows:
  1. Tandem two-seater configuration.
  2. Quickly detachable wings for ease of transport.
  3. Airframe stressed for limited acrobatics
    (6 g's positive and 4 g's negative).
  4. Stall speed - 40 knots with flaps. Vne is 270 knots.
  5. Current design is based on the Chev LS V8 engine.
  6. A lighter LSA version is under development.
  7. Price on application
All flight stability and stress analysis calculations have been conducted by a partner in this project who is an aeronautical engineer and who has extensive experience in modern composites technology.

Get on board now for discounted prices. We are currently accepting deposits on fuselage kits for mid-year delivery.

To view images of progress development Click Here

Gos Aero wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Paul Monforton of Monforton Press.

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